Goth Baby Faves: Signature Shade Preview: Blacks and Reds 

Black and Red are perhaps the OG colors when it comes to being sexy. Black, representing mystery, power, and elegance. Red, representing passion, sex appeal, and a little bit of danger. 

So, it makes sense that these colors have been top choices for industry professionals for decades before any of us were even born and smashing our peachy behinds into men's faces in VIP. 

Tied with pink, black has been our best selling shade for the past two years, with red not far behind. 

In fact, we’ve noticed some of you little succubi *exclusively* shop for black and red! (Shout out to Tara in Florida who has purchased literally most of our inventory- but only in black, ever.)

This is y'all on stage

Here's a lil preview of what will be available in these shades:

$CHMONEY BAGS AND STASH SCRUNCHIES:Sparkly Black Halo Money Bags for all your cash stashing needs will be listed! Stash scrunchies are adorable spandex scrunchies that you can match to your fits *and* stash some gloss and cash in!

LATEX LOOK WET SETS: This staple set will be back and better than ever! You will now be able able to choose your perfect sized top and bottom separately when purchasing this, and most, sets going forward :)

SOLIDS: All of our basics will be available in these two perfect tones- Lil Devil Red and Demon Time Black

VELVETS:All of our basics will be available in CLOUD VELVET, including these two shades: Cloud Velvet Black and Cloud Velvet Red. Sourced from the curtains in Morticia Adams’ mansion, naturally.

SPARKLY: Perfect for when you want to give “succubus, but also princess.” These fabrics add a lil fun to the classics. All of our basics (besides v-backs) will be available in HALO, our holo fabric, including: Black Halo and Red Halo!

GARTERS GALORE:All of these tones will be available as garters! All Signature basics will be available in 4 sizes ranging from xxs-xxl! Garters will be available in 2 sizes, and available for custom order in the other 2 :)

Angel Candy Signature will be released publicly on Friday May 13, 2022 at 11:11 PM EST. The site will be shut down for 6 hours prior to the release.

Sign up for texts here to get 3 hour early access and shop early <3