Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy: Please read this entire page prior to contacting us with general questions about shipping. It is highly likely the answer to your question is here!

PLEASE PURCHASE SHIPPING INSURANCE HERE if your order value exceeds $100.00 USD! It is cheap and necessary! This is also linked in every listing. 

Any value above $100.00 USD is uninsured unless you purchase shipping insurance here.

Please note, packages that are valued over $100.00 USD that are sent without additional insurance will only be able to file a claim for $100.00 USD. That is the amount of insurance that is automatically included through the shipping carrier.

Without insurance, you will not be eligible to file a claim, receive a refund, get items resent, or otherwise be compensated for the remaining value of your order should your package be lost, stolen, damaged during shipping, or otherwise unreceived from the time it is accepted at the carrier. 

Angel Candy Shop is not, and will not be held, responsible for any packages that are lost, stolen, damaged during shipping, or otherwise not received that were sent without insurance. 

Again, all packages are insured up to $100.00 USD value by the shipping carrier and a claim will be able to be filed up to this amount for any package lost, stolen, or otherwise unreceived. 

Full information on claims below. 

NOTE: If 45 days or more passes since the last tracking activity on an order that has not been received and we are not contacted, the order is considered abandoned. This is because shipping carriers have deadlines on how long packages have to file claims.

What shipping carrier do you use? 

 Domestic USA packages can choose USPS Priority or UPS for shipping.

International customers can choose DHL.

 How long will my order take to ship/arrive? 

All orders have a 3 business day processing time, meaning it may be (at the most) 3 business days between the time you place an order and the time your order is packed. 

The estimated shipping time displayed by carriers at checkout is not indicative of when your item will ship or arrive!  Those estimates are automatically displayed by the shipping carriers and we have no control over them. 

They are meant to provide an estimate of shipping time once your order has been dropped off and scanned in at the carrier.

Once your order is packed, it will ship on the next shipping day.

Shipping days for USPS and UPS are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Shipping days for DHL are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Please note that choosing expedited shipping at checkout does not change the processing time of your order! 

We do not see the shipping option a customer chooses until their order is processed and their label is printed.

You must contact us BEFORE ordering if you are placing an order which you need by a certain date and plan to purchase expedited shipping to check if we are able to pull it ahead of schedule and drop it off early.

We will try, but cannot always accommodate these requests. 

Please always assume we are running according to our shipping schedule as outlined here, even if you have received package(s) earlier than scheduled on previous orders!

Once your item is packed, you will receive tracking info directly to your email. 

Please note, we process orders every day and receiving this email does not mean your order will go out that same day, necessarily. It will ship according to the schedule outlined here. 

How long your item takes to arrive once it has been dropped off with the carrier depends on your location. The shipping estimate you saw at checkout is about how long the carrier estimates your package will take to arrive. 

Once orders are dropped off at the carrier, we have no control over delays or how quickly they reach their destination. 

When your order is processed, you will receive a shipping notification email with tracking info which you can use to see an estimated arrival date for your package. 

How can I track my package / check my order status once it is shipped?

Once you have received your shipping notification, please use the tracking info within that email to see where your package is. 

 The USPS tracking tool is here

The DHL tracking tool is here.

 The UPS tracking tool is here.

Please note, we do not have any further tracking information than is available via these tracking tools. 

Where does my item ship from? 

  All Angel Candy packages ship from New Jersey, USA. 

 Do you offer overnight or expedited shipping?

You must contact us before placing an order if you need it to be shipped overnight!

Choosing the option for USPS Priority Mail Express at checkout does not mean your order will be processed any faster than other orders, and your order will still have a 3 business day processing time as outlined above unless you contact us BEFORE ordering!

If you need to have your order by a certain date, please email us at and we will do our best to make it happen.

Please do not check out using the Priority Mail Express option and assume that your order will arrive the next day. 

Priority Mail Express usually has a delivery time of 1-2 days once the item has been accepted at the carrier. 

Please keep in mind, we cannot control shipping time/delays once the item has been dropped off with the carrier.

 We do not offer overnight shipping on international orders at this time. 

I paid for expedited shipping, and my package didn't arrive on time. What can I do?

If you paid for USPS Priority Mail Express shipping, please note that the carrier counts shipping time from the time the package was accepted at their facility until the time it was delivered to you. 

Angel Candy's processing time does not factor into their calculation of whether a package was delivered on time.

If your package was not delivered within the promised time given when it was scanned in at the carrier’s facility, you may request a refund for your shipping cost from USPS here

How do I insure my package?

All packages include insurance up to $100.00 USD. 

This insurance is included in your shipping cost and provided by the carrier.

To insure the total value of your package the total of your items is above $100.00 USD, please PURCHASE SHIPPING INSURANCE HERE.

Choose the option that the total value of your package falls under. 

We highly recommend insuring the full value of your package!

Angel Candy Shop is not, and will not be held, responsible for any packages that are lost, stolen, damaged during shipping, or otherwise not received that were sent without insurance. 

Do you offer international shipping outside of the United States?

Angel Candy offers international shipping to Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, France, China, Russia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Brazil, Finland, United Kingdom, Belize, Malaysia, and Turkey. 

 International customers can choose DHL.

Will I have to pay duties, tariffs (taxes), or import fees for my international order (any order being shipped outside of the United States)?

In general, countries outside of the USA will charge fees and taxes on “dutiable items,” meaning items that are taxable. 

We have no way of knowing what each specific country considers “dutiable,” or whether they will charge any sort of fee on incoming Angel Candy packages. 

To find an estimate of fees, you can use this Import Duties & Taxes Calculator 

Choose option United States in “Importing From:” field and USD into “Currency” field.

In the field “Product description,” give a general, easy to understand description such as “Bikinis” or “Jewelry,” depending on what you are ordering. 

Please note, this calculator is good for giving an estimate but is not a perfect science, and we give no guarantees as to what your import fees might be. 

This is simply a tool to help you estimate. 

You can learn more about how to figure out import related costs at this link:

Import Tariffs & Fees Overview

It is your responsibility to know whether your country charges import fees, tariffs, duty fees, or Value Added Tax fees when using the shipping carrier you choose. 

It is also your responsibility to cover these fees should they be due.

We are never responsible for covering any import fee, tariff, or duty fee due on your package, and we will not accept any packages returned because of non-payment of any of these fees.

Please check your country's rules in regards to incoming imports from the United States and the rules of the shipping carrier you plan to choose before placing an order.

You can look up the customs office of your country and contact them for more info. 

My package says it is being returned to the sender, what do I do?


If your package is being returned to sender (us!), please email us at hiangel@angelcandyshop.comwith your order number and a note about this. 

We will get back to you with details about how to purchase a new label and have your package resent once we receive it.

If we receive your package as a “return to sender,” we will contact you via the email used to place your order about having it resent. 

If we do not hear back within 3 days, your order will be refunded for the items- not for the shipping cost, as it has been used- and all items will be restocked. 

We do not have any information about why packages are returned to us.


For more info on DHL returned packages, please visit DHL, choose your country, and click “Contact Us.” 

My USPS package says it has been delivered but it's not here, what do I do?

Oh no! We're sorry this happened.

USPS mail delivery trucks have a GPS software that sometimes marks packages as “delivered” prematurely if the package is close to your area. 

We have experienced ourselves, and heard from customers, that packages that say “delivered” often show up a few hours later or the next day. 

If it has been 24 hours or more, you should contact the post office that delivers to you with your tracking number. Sometimes they are able to help locate the package. 

If the package remains lost, please see the below information on how to file a claim. 

What should I do if my package is lost, was stolen, or was damaged during shipping?

These situations are all ones in which a claim should be filed.

Here are some reasons why a claim may need to be filed on your package:

  • Your package was lost. Please note, USPS does not consider a package lost until there has been no activity in the tracking info for 30 days. 

  • Your package was stolen.

  • Your package arrived damaged, with items missing, or with items damaged due to something that occurred during shipping. 

Please see below for detailed info about claims. 

I need to file a claim, what do I do?

Please note: All carriers require you to keep the package and contents as it arrived if a claim is being made for damage! Please do not send back or dispose of any packages that arrived damaged.

Filing a claim for orders that purchased shipping insurance:

Contact us at to begin the process of filing your claim. 

Include your order number, a detailed explanation of why a claim needs to be filed, and relevant evidence like photos of damaged packages. 

We will file the claim through Shipsurance, Shopify’s shipping insurance program. 

You will need to fill out a form which we’ll send to you during the claims process.

Filing a claim for orders that did not purchase shipping insurance:

You are able to make a claim for value up to $100.00 USD on all packages that did not purchase shipping insurance. 


DHL claims must be filed through the sender, us. 

Please contact us at with your order number, a detailed explanation of why a claim needs to be filed, and relevant evidence like photos of damaged packages. 

We will reply with what to expect next. 


You can start the process of filing a UPS claim at this link

You will need your order confirmation to prove the value of your package and the amount you paid for shipping. 

Contact us at if you need this information re-sent. 

USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express (USA Domestic):

USPS has a timeline for filing claims! You can see it here. 

Take care to file according to the guidelines listed as they will reject claims filed before or after the timeline. 

Here is a link where you can file a claim online. 

You will need your order confirmation to prove the value of your package and the amount you paid for shipping. 

You will also need:




Phone: 973-220-3811

Contact us at if you need this information re-sent.


This Shipping Policy was last updated and is effective as of

June 22, 2022.