WE ASKED YOU: How to Look Expensive?

We asked the experts- YOU ALL- on IG for your tips on Looking Expensive at work. Also, what did you think you needed, but found it didn’t affect your income without it?

As @officialminnie2 said, “how you carry yourself with confidence” will always be the biggest factor in attracting clients to you. But there are a lot of things we use to help us feel confident! 

The top 3 things suggested for LOOKING EXPENSIVE, which won by  a landslide (all 3 of these were suggested by at least 25% of respondents, so you know they’re solid!) are:

1. JEWELRY: Adding a lil bling is a great way to draw custies eyes to you! @othrrgurlsays “ My angel candy 555 necklace and my iced out $50 watch, they shineee in the lights!”  Adding a necklace or choker, rings, anklets, a belly chain, and bracelets are a simple   way to bring your fit to TOP NOTCH! We agree with@allyy.mcgwho suggests “nice fake jewelry lol” - leave your quality, expensive pieces at home! It’s easy to lose them at work, and cheaper jewelry has the same effect. 

* Shameless Plug link to all AC Jewelry, including the 555 necklace, hehe *

2. LASHES: “LASHES!!!”, says @thechilles.t . Whether you get lash extensions or use strip lashes, these are an easy way to add that lil extra purrrrrr to your look. “Simplest upgrade- lash extensions,” says@poptartcosplay. The fun  thing about lashes is that there’s a lot of looks you can create with them!@spicheetunasays “A good pair of fluffy lashes! Shows that you’re not regular.” We suggest grabbing a few cheap pairs at a beauty supply store to test out which you like best before committing to extensions or investing in better quality lashes. 

3. SPARKLY OUTFITS / SHOES: Yes!! Yes!! Yessss!! You already know I did a fist pump when reading this being that our Signature line has a wholeeee line of sparkly colors LMAO. @l0v3.yu2says “wear something more sparkly. It catches the eye, literally,” and that’s so true! Humans just love pretty things, so when you put pretty thing number one (you) in pretty thing number 2 (sparkly outfit), how could they resist? We rarely see glitter/sparkly clothing in “normal” life, so it’s a perfect way to remind them that you’re a luxury.@onlyaftertwelvesays, “I feel like when an outfit has rhinestones on it, especially dresses, it gives expensive!” We agree! 

Some other great suggestions for looking EXPENSIVE were:

“A really simple way to look more expensive is posture, the more confident you look walking, the more they believe you’re worth the $$ they’re about to drop.” - @ littlebubblebooty (This tip is incredible, and free to implement!)

“Matching!! Shoes to outfit!” @summerbringingtheheat (we agree! These are the type of things men don’t KNOW they notice, but they do. When your whole look ties together, its a WIN.)

As far as things that you thought were needed  but didn’t make much of a difference, there were 2 standouts mentioned:

1. ACRYLIC NAILS: To be clear- having your toes done was mentioned a fair amount of times as something to look expensive, but having acrylics/ hands done was by far the leader for things you THOUGHT you needed but found it didn’t affect your income.@punch.rumsays “Nails did. When I went back after the pandemic I noticed it didn’t make a difference.” This was super true for me, which I only found out because my nail tech went to Cuba for a month. My income was effected not at all, but I was weirdly aware of my hands and still felt not as hot! “Acrylic nails, I still have them but when I broke them it didn’t affect my money,” says @lil_quinnyxo

2. FULL FACE OF MAKEUP: there were many varying opinions on makeup, but the most prominent was this: while yes, you should do your makeup- there is no difference income wise if you do a simple look VS doing a full, multi step face of makeup.@stassie_jonessays “Do your makeup but men don’t notice if you go all out.” Lashes also play a part here! A few of you mentioned that lashes + gloss are as good as a full face to make a bag. 

It is worth noting for both of these that most respondents who mentioned not needing them also mentioned that they STILL do them, cause they like it. See? We really do get ready for ourselves :)

As always, it all comes down to confidence! Make sure your work looks make you feel like you are IRRESISTIBLE and ANGELIC!