JULY 2021 - Tender Montana

JULY 2021 - Tender Montana

JULY 2021

Meet July’s Angel of the Month: Tender Montana 

NAME: Tender Montana 

How did you start dancing? I started dancing at the age of 18

How long have you been dancing? 10 years

What is your favorite client story?

Hmm ... where do I start? I gotta say years ago when I was a newbie, I had a customer taking me in the VIP room all night and he was so high, he kept forgetting he paid me.  SO he paid me over five times as if I was a different girl , lol!

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen happen at the strip club?

I was in on stage and a brawl started and it was intense; like chairs and bottles being thrown. So, my ratchet ass got naked in a GOGO bar and men started throwing money during the fight. LOL

What are your top three songs to strip to?

I LOVE TRAP music. So "All There" and "Throw this Money" by Young Jeezy, and "Hustle Hard" by Ace Boogie

What’s your best money making tip for the club?

Work like there is money in the club at all times even when its dead. You never know who is watching so get on stage and entertain. HAVE ENERGY this entertainment also look your best! You are selling a fantasy or they can stay home with their whack ass wife. Does Beyonce go on stage lazy or without makeup ? NO

What things are most important to you when looking to try a new club?

MONEY , a place where girls aren't so savage- even though that's hard but I like to feel comfortable .

What is something about the industry that needs to change?

A LOT especially me being a darkskin, I experience "I'm not light enough" in urban clubs or at white clubs they don't really hire me because I might be too urban or too many tats as a "black girl". I pay to work so its disgusting that I cant work in an upscale club and urban clubs I make money but I get overlooked and have to work harder because my skin color.

Find Tender:
On Instagram Here and check out her shops, Stripper Witchin and Hustlin Ova Everythin' Here !

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