Get your Custies to Bring you Shopping at AC : P

Get your Custies to Bring you Shopping at AC : P

Hey Angels!

If there’s anything we love more than CA$H CA$H, it is gifts. There’s nothing like being shown we are appreciated with a gift from a client/daddy/sub/fan!

Many of you have already gotten a fan to buy you some cute fits! (Shout out to Jeffrey in Connecticut, Bill in California, and Niko in Philly for being the TOP $penders when it comes to shopping for the Angels : P)

We’ve decided to write up some tips about how to ask him to shop for you. FYI, these tips can be used to ask for anything, really.

  1. GET COMFY ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT: As women who were raised under patriarchy, asking for what we want can be scary. Ofc we all have different circumstances- but in general, women are raised to be caretakers and put our needs second. We often fear taking up space and seeming too direct or aggressive (unless you a Dom, hehe). 

Take a moment to ponder that you ARE WORTHY OF HAVING THINGS YOU WANT, and one of the best ways to get what you want IS TO ASK FOR IT. 

“Guys are dumb and they need to be told what to do,” says @kennydearie. And have we not seen examples of this truth in action? 

Men created the patriarchy and positioned themselves as providers within it, so LET THEM PROVIDE BABY GIRL! 

Asking for something directly is also a great way to weed out the broke fakers from the REAL ONES! If he can’t or won’t give you something you’re asking for, does he deserve your time and energy anyway? Ask yourself.

  1. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT: You can search our site using terms that are descriptive, like “sparkly” or “micro,” using colors like “pink,” or using materials like “velvet!” 

We have something adorable and sexy for every baddie. 

  1. DO THE ASK!

The Dropping Hints Method: “I post your outfits on my story and they reply saying ‘you’d look so sexy in that!’ Then I’ll be like ‘Want to spoil me with one?’ and they always say I don’t mind.” - 

Cecy currently has an AC collection of over a dozen pieces funded by her fans, so this advice is to be trusted.

The Direct Method: Text or DM the guy you want to spoil you with the link to what you want along with a special message like:

 “This is so cuuute, get it for me so I can take pics in it for you?”

“Please?? *insert puppy dog eyes emoji*”

For best results, personalize the message, like:

“I would love to take pics in this just for you, I know you love *insert a preference of his, like red/ lingerie/ this type of set* on me” 

  1. FOLLOW THRU: When gets it, say thank you!! 

We are truly grateful for the ones who see our value and reflect it back to us with cash, respect, and gifts. 

Take some fine asss pics and show your appreciation! 

Though, we must take a moment to highlight Cecy, who says “I haven’t send them even not one pic.” - 

Remember Angels, “You are special so why wouldn’t someone want to spend money on you?” - @kennydearie 

Get Ummmm! 


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