Care Instructions


All Angel Candy fits and accessories are HAND WASH ONLY!

To Hand Wash:


First, separate items by color if washing multiple items. Wash neons together, pastels together, dark colors like black/red/navy together, and whites alone.

We suggest washing neon pink and neon orange ONLY with each other, or alone. We also suggest washing neon green and neon yellow ONLY with each other, or alone. This is because these colors tend to bleed the most during the first 1-2 washes. Purple and Turquoise / Aqua you can wash together, or with dark colors.

Fill a bucket or sink with lukewarm water and mix in gentle detergent. Drop in the items you are washing and swish them around. To properly wash the gusset (pussy) area, we recommend using a silicone makeup brush cleaner as in photo A! Gently rub the area with the silicone pad and then rinse under warm water. 

DO NOT leave your items to soak! This will cause the colors to fade and certain holo/print fabrics to lose their shine/print. 

Pour out water and refill with cool water. Swish items around to start getting soap out, and then rinse them individually until water runs clear.

Hang to dry until completely dry. Be sure that different colors are hung so as to not touch each other while drying- certain colors will stain each other. 

Do not iron or leave in direct sunlight.

Take special care to gently hand wash all holo and sparkly fabrics, and especially those that contain glitter or sequins in/on the fabric.

HOLO DISCLAIMER: Please note, it is the nature of holo/sparkly fabrics to fade over time! This is an unfortunate reality of our favorite fabrics. To prolong the life of your holo fabrics, please follow the above care instructions exactly. DO NOT ever machine wash, or wear in pools or hot tubs as the chemicals will cause holo to fade quicker. We also suggest wearing a micro thong under your holo bottoms and taking the holo bottoms OFF during lap dances, if possible.

If you're wearing a holo microkini at the club during lap dances, bust out the air moves, or make it an ass facing him focused dance. Point being, you want to avoid friction as much as possible with holo fabrics.

Seephoto B for an example of one of Jamie's holo thongs that went through 1 year of lap dances (clearly she didn't use the air moves, RIP!).

DIAMOND CONNECTOR / METAL ACCENT DISCLAIMER: Please note, Diamond connectors, metal o-rings, clip connectors, and any sort of non-spandex connector or accessory should not be submerged in water for any period of time longer than it takes to wash your items!When you hand wash your fits, please pat dry any diamond or metal accent with a paper or cotton towel as soon as it comes out of the water to prevent rust and wear!

LATEX DISCLAIMER: Please note, latex and latex like fabrics often rub off on/stain one another if they are stored together! Please DO NOT store any different colors of latex or latex like fabrics together. It is particularly the red and black latex that stain the other ones (naughty!!!) , but stay safe and store them all apart from each other.

PRINTS DISCLAIMER: Please note, products made with print/graphic fabrics all vary slightly!

Your product will look slightly different than the product photo depending on how the fabric was cut. Please see photo C for an example!

APPAREL CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please reference the washing instructions on the tag inside of your Angel Candy garment! Most Angel Candy Apparel products can be machine washed inside out on cold or warm, and machine dried on low (keep inside out). But again, please reference the washing instructions found inside your garment as our apparel is made with a variety of fabric types and may have specific requirements.

ROBE CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please note, robes may appear wrinkled when they arrive due to the nature of the fabric! Please hang all robes on a hanger for 24-48 hours when received and allow any folds to smooth out. Follow the above care instructions for washing robes, but wash them ALONE and one piece at a time. For robes with feather trim, you can VERY GENTLY brush the feather trim out with a wet/dry brush (brush with gentle bristles that have a lot of space between them) once it is 100% dry. Then, shake the robe out or even use cool setting on a blowdryer to fluff the trim back up.

JEWELRY CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To clean your jewelry products, mix lukewarm water with gentle cleansing soap. Dip your jewelry item in and swish it around. You can use a baby toothbrush (superfine bristles only!) to gently clean off any residue. Rinse your jewelry in cool water, and pat dry as close to 100% dry as you can with a paper or cotton towel. Leave to dry completely in open air area, not touching other items.

Do not ever leave your jewelry soaking in water as this will cause wear, loosen any stones/crystals, and weaken any adhesives used in the product.

To prolong the life of your jewelry, store each piece individually in dry, room temperature areas.

Please contact us at with any questions about the care of your products!