JULY 2022 - Angel

JULY 2022 - Angel

JULY 2022

What's your name?

What do you do/what part(s) of the biz do you work in?

If you’ve worked in more than one aspect of SW, which is your favorite and why?
Before stripping, I briefly cammed and did OnlyFans. I stopped the others shortly after I started stripping. Stripping is my favorite! I prefer and excel at the hustle in person rather than online. I also like that I can somewhat separate myself from the club when I leave it. I definitely identify as a stripper outside of the club, but it doesn’t consume as much of my time and life when I’m gone. As with online SW, it’s more around the clock. Putting all of my energy into stripping has been preferable and more profitable for me.

How have you made yourself stand out when working?
I’d say my aesthetic along with incorporating a lot of my true self into my persona.

What is a goal you’re proud you were able to reach while doing and because of SW?
I bought a new 2022 car and wrapped her pink. Now, I’m planning on taking some time off for a cross country road-trip.

What is your best tip for making money at work?
Confidence and approach everyone! I feel like the two go hand-in-hand a lot of the time. I’ve blocked my blessing many times when I first started dancing because I didn’t want to approach customers I assumed wouldn’t be interested in me.

What has been something SW helped you with/encouraged you to do, or how has SW made you more confident?
SW had made me 1000% more confident. When I first started dancing, my confidence was low. It took me months and months of comparing myself to the other women before realizing that we all have different things to offer, and each body/face/style/personality is just as desirable as the next.

Sw is exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally- How do you decompress and engage in self care in the face of that?
Journaling, meditation, affirmations, and most importantly not overworking myself and taking time off when I need to.

Describe your best night ever working!
I met a customer early in the night and he was immediately interested in our $1600/hr champagne room. We hung out in there til close, he tipped generously, and has been back since with that same energy.

There is a lot of talk nowadays about sex work being “empowering.” Is this true for you and why or why not?
As much as I love my job, I think it can be equally empowering as it is degrading. I can make my own schedule, make money off of my looks while having fun, set my own rules. But on a dead night I must also dance naked on stage for free, get rejected by men I would never approach outside of the club, and struggle to make tip-out.

What is something you wish you’d known when you started in the industry?
I don’t have to take any disrespect.

Where can we find you?
IG: fiineandivine
Twitter: fineandivine

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