MAY 2022 - Bambi

MAY 2022 - Bambi

What’s your name?  



What do you do/what part(s) of the biz do you work in?

Stripper, Camgirl


How did you get started in the industry?

I was going through a lot trying to provide for my family and pay my rent. My first time ever at a strip club was my first day :)


If you’ve worked in more than one aspect of SW, which is your favorite and why?

Dancing is forever my favorite. I like to party and have fun. Dancing has changed my life in many many different ways and 99% of them are positive. Id say it saved my life! 


How have you made yourself stand out when working?

Wearing AC duh


What is your funniest story related to work?

Me and my friend flew to Tampa to dance and we started at this club that was pretty new and our first night the club was super slow until about 1 am about 20 ppl came in off Molly and it was everyone's first time at the club and they were the only people there, it was ridiculously fun but it started getting really weird when i went to do a private dance and the guy paid me $300 for HIM to give ME a lap dance. He was so high i just let him do his thing LOL


What is a goal you’re proud you were able to reach while doing and because of SW?

Loving myself and respecting myself in ways i couldnt imagine possible. I bought a condo, got sober, touched 6 figures, started therapy, and got the confidence to leave my unhealthy relationship. 


What is something you feel needs to change in the industry?

Girls working together and being friendlier to eachother )): Ive seen some sad shit


What is your best tip for making money at work?

I always write in my manifestation journal, and i bring a "lucky item" soo usually my lipgloss or something and if im wearing it i "know" im gonna make a lot of money. then i always do :) 


What has been something SW helped you with/encouraged you to do, or how has SW made you more confident?

Respecting myself, Learning how to stand up for myself, Setting and enforcing boundaries. I have depression and BPD sometimes it gets hard to take care of my self, but dancing forces me to stay healthy. I HAVE to shower, eat healthy meals, shave, do my hair, work out. Keeps me stable


What has been your biggest challenge in the industry?

Getting out of my shell. I've always been super shy and kind of a mat for people to walk all over but now Im super forward and ill just get a little drunk take all my clothes off, have fun, and make lots of money! haha


Sw is exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally- How do you decompress and engage in self care in the face of that?

One night was super rough for me, i left and had my boyfriend pick me up, He brought me water, advil, and some food. then i went home, drew a bath, washed my face, smoked like 4 blunts and got into clean sheets on a newly made bed and a full money bag. I started to make it a routine after.


We all have a story about a babe in the industry who we loved and were inspired by from the moment we met her- tell us about her/them:

My biggest idol will always be Jamie she is so strong and resilient and to dance and work your ass off just to build a huge dancewear business! That's different- a true angel on earth- truly look up to her.


What do you wish people knew about us (SWers), and about you personally as a SWer?

i just hate the way people shame us for participating in a business THEY created. Especially women, I hate seeing women hating on women. 


How have you dealt with the stigma of being out as a SW, if you’ve faced any?

I was super strict with myself about how i reacted. Important to stand up for myself but not get too invested. At the end of the day, I respect and love myself, im healthy, confident, wealthy, and living my absolute dream life. people live sad jealous lives it's important to keep yours separate.


What are your plans for the future?



There is a lot of talk nowadays about sex work being “empowering.” Is this true for you and why or why not?

Yes. I truly found myself in this business. Couldnt have had it any other way. For the people who are truly built for sex work it's super empowering but you might not be as lucky if your just here from tiktok.


What is something you wish you’d known when you started in the industry?

It takes time! And it takes patience! and save your monnneeyyyy gd!!


Where can we find you?

Instagram: @livknock


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