NOVEMBER 2021 - Bianca

NOVEMBER 2021 - Bianca


Meet November’s Angel of the Month: Bianca

What’s your name?

My name is Bianca, and my stage name is Fox   I’ve been through two stage names in my dance career but I’m sticking with this one, I love it! 

What do you do/what part(s) of the biz do you work in.

I’m a stripper! I’ve done other types of SW in the past but never fully went through with it. 

How have you made yourself stand out when working?

Definitely by my pole work. I’m the only one, or one of the few girls at my club who do pole work that definitely helps me a lot because a lot of customers have never seen anything like it, so they get very excited when I put on a show for them  

What is a goal you’re proud you were able to reach while doing and because of SW?

When I had just turned 18 I put myself in so much debt with credit cards, I went crazy and got so many of them because nobody ever educated me on any of those things. With dancing I was able to quickly pay off every single dollar that I owed and now I am a lot more educated on credit cards and debt and will definitely not be putting myself through that again.

What is your best tip for making money at work?

Approach. Every. Single. Customer. You will be surprised who will end up making your night. Never be afraid to approach a customer, the person who you least expect it will be the one spending the most money. Don’t be afraid of rejection, if someone says “no” it’s okay, move on. Don’t let it get to you, there are other customers who WILL spend money on you.

What has been your biggest challenge in the industry?

The biggest challenge for me in the industry has been staying consistent with it. I get very bored of having a routine and it’s very easy for me to not work for a few weeks. It also has to do with my anxiety. I make excuses for myself to avoid having to go into work because of how I’m feeling that day. It has definitely has gotten a lot better but that is something that I am still working on.

What do you wish people knew about us (SWers), and about you personally as a SWer?

We are not being forced to do this against our own will. I’ve had people ask me all types of crazy questions when it comes to the reason on why I decide to do this type of job, and half of the time it always ends with them saying something like “You are so much better than this” it’s like they think that someone is forcing us to work in this type of industry and that we can’t make decisions for ourselves. I love my job, I have fun doing it!

Where can we find you? (Please send links to any social media you’d like linked, as well as any websites you have! We cannot link to OF unfortunately, but you can link to any socials of yours that has OF info avl!)

You can find me here.

Instagram -

This is my ONLY social media platform. 

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