OCTOBER 2021 - Kristina

OCTOBER 2021 - Kristina


Meet August’s Angel of the Month: Kristina

What’s your name? The name my mother gave me was Chloe but upon entering the industry, I went through several names until I found what truly fit, Kristina.

How have you made yourself stand out in the industry?
I’ve made myself stand out in the industry by making sure every interaction with the people I come across is memorable. People come to the strip club for various reasons and I realized this job is more than creating a fantasy. Whether it’s the connection or the conversation or whatever, I want that person to leave feeling 10x better than when they came in.

What is something you feel needs to change in the industry?
Internally, I wish us as SW’ers would be more supportive of each other. I feel like there can be a lot of hate and sabotage and just bitchy behaviour that's not necessary. No matter what you do in the industry, this is a community that most people who aren’t SW’ers will never understand. We need to lift eachother up, be a backbone, be supportive and loving towards one another. A lot of us don’t have anyone because we have been shunned for what we have chosen to do for a living. Now on a different note, I wish the industry offered better resources to us. We are employees even though we are “independent contractors”. They should offer health insurance, mental health services and all the other resources that other employees get.  

What is your best tip for making money at work?
Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you. My anxiety is my worst enemy lol. When those negative thoughts come in your head, counter them with positive affirmations. Don’t let your anxiety stop you from approaching a customer or doing your best on stage. These men are here to see YOU! Don’t let rejection stop you either, sometimes they need time. Be persistent. 

What has been something SW helped you with/encouraged you to do, or how has SW made you more confident?
SW has helped me with boundaries for sure. My lack of boundaries has put me in multiple unsafe situations throughout my life. In this industry, it is very important to have boundaries with everyone including yourself. I also learned a lot about myself as a woman. I came into this industry at 18, I was a baby lol. I've gained confidence throughout the years that has translated into romantic relationships. I've gained a better control over my anxiety. I also learned to not let what people think about me distort my view of myself. 

Sex work is exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally- How do you decompress and engage in self care in the face of that?!
So, I have a therapist. I didn’t for a really long time but it’s nice to have someone to talk to about whatever is going on and give me advice on how to cope. I also try to be very aware of my emotions and how I’m feeling. It’s so important to take breaks because you will get burnt out. Have a routine before and after work to not only clear your head space, but replenish your energy. You're dealing with so many different people who carry God knows what energy, you have to protect yourself. 

What is something you wish you’d known when you started in the industry?
It’s important to be kind but don’t be weak. People will test you and see what they can get out of you. Have boundaries and be guarded to a point though.  Also, I wish I would have been smarter with my money. I used to just spend and spend because I had the mentality that I would make it back. That mentality caused me to be a broke stripper. So definitely saving and investing my money. A financial advisor probably would have been helpful. 

We all have a story about a babe in the industry who we loved and were inspired by from the moment we met her- tell us about her/them.
Her name is Kimmie and we are still friends to this day! (@kimmie_haze follow her!) She was just so pretty, had this girl next door look to her and she was amazing on the pole. She was so sweet to me all the time and even left on a busy night to accompany me to the ER when I got sick one night at work. I admired the way she interacted with customers and carried herself and she knew how to have fun. Her kindness is what impacted me the most though. Being new in the club is scary and having someone who always has good energy and greets you with smiles makes it easier to adjust. 

Where can we find you?
Instagram: @_kristinalynn444 or @chloeandaiye30

Twitter: @kristinalynn444

Feel free to dm me about anything <3 


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