2023 Wrapped: Your Angel Candy Year in Review! 🤗 🎉

2023 Wrapped: Your Angel Candy Year in Review! 🤗 🎉

Hey girls! We compiled a bunch data of 2023 originally or ourselves for BIZNEZZ purposes, and thought it'd be cute to share some of the stats with you! 

( Rather see it as a video? Watch the video wrap up here! )

The Top Cities Angel Candy shipped to are:

2. Dallas, Texas

1. Las Vegas, NV

3. Tampa, FL

4. San Diego, CA

5. Portland, OR

The most common Angel Candy customer names were:

Caitlin / Kaitlin


Chloe / Khloe


Jasmine / Jazmine

(Stage or Real? We’ll never tell shhh)

In 2023, you all purchased:


with Best Sellers being:

Liquid Silver

Latex Black / Latex Red

Red Venom

(the Goth Girls TOOK IT this year!)

Overall, Colors sold like:

Black 21%
Baby Pink 16%
Red 16%
Animal Prints (Leopard/Snake) 14%
White 10%
Hot Pink 8%
Lilac / Baby Blue 6%
Graphic Prints (Clouds/Camo ect.) 4%
Neons (Orange/Aqua/Green) 3%
Other / Misc. 2%


Men Who $$$pent the Most on their Favorite Angels this year are:

1. Michael in Flower Mount, TX

2. “Paul” in Missoula, MT

3. Frank in “down South”

4. “J” in Scranton, PA

5. Damon in Atlanta, GA

*Names and locations have been changed/abbreviated as requested by the gents, Thank You Gentlemen! 🥰*

In 2023, your support benefitted small Family and Women owned seamstresses / manufacturers in:

*Note that we also import some items like jewelry and net fits from China, Korea, and Brasil, and use imported raw materials*

In 2024, we are excited to:

  • Re-release our exclusive made line with the improvements you’ve suggested Coming: Janaury 2024 and ongoing forever until time and space collapses into itself and we all go calmly into the night
  • Offer Wholesale to Exotic stores and House Moms, exclusively (it’s festival or swim wear sorry) Coming: Around April/May 2024
  • Release our Holiday Catalogue, something Alyssa and I have wanted to do since the inception of this company and finally have the money/mentall wellness to do
  • Continue to serve the sweetest, prettiest customers in all of the land, YOU!

 THANK YOU TRULY for another year, and making us look so good on stage and cam! We can't wait to share what 2024 has in store 💖

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