Uncommon Items You NEED in Your Dance Bag???

Uncommon Items You NEED in Your Dance Bag???

We did a survey on our private Ig asking y’all:

 What is an UNCOMMON thing you keep in your work bag that’s come in handy? The most mentioned items were:

 SCISSORS: Preferably the tiny ones, these are great for clipping tampon strings or stray threads on outfits.

SEWING KIT and GLUE: Putting these together because they both fall under “putting things back together.” 35% of respondents mentioned a mini sewing kit and/or super glue! Both come in handy to fix last minute wardrobe malfunctions. Nail glue is also great if you have acrylics just in case one pops off!


 HYDRATION: Electrolyte tablets, electrolyte packets, and Hydralyte were all mentioned for making sure your body is properly hydrated during shifts! This is especially important if you drink at work (lord knows I did), since alcohol dehydrates you, and you sometimes sweat at work.

FIRST AID / ANTIBACTERIAL ITEMS: While you hope you never need them, it’s better to have them if you do! 25% of respondents mentioned some form of first aid or antibacterial items, including:

  • Mini First Aid kit (Bandaids, Neosporin)
  • Ibuprofen / Advil
  • Midol
  • Muscle Pain Cream (Roll On Lidocain was mentioned as a great option)
  • Pepto Liquicaps / GasX
  • Antibacterial Body Safe Wipes for after stage sets and dances (BZK Antiseptic Towelettes are a great option, someone also mentioned witch hazel + glycolic acid)
  • Foot Powder for in Heels

 SPIRITUAL / GOOD LUCK CHARMS: Soo cute how many babes mentioned some trinket, crystal, or good luck charm you keep to stay motivated and attract prosperity! A few things you said:

  • Cinnamon stick / oil
  • Preserved Snakeskin (health/wellness/good fortune)
  • Note of encouragement to myself
  • Crystals, particularly Citrine (known to attract Abundance)
  • Bay Leaves in a small jar
NARCAN / FENT TEST STRIPS: Narcan was actually the MOST mentioned thing, with 10 of 68 respondents mentioning it. Narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in 2-3 minutes, so can be LIFE SAVING to have. It can be purchased as “Naloxone nasal spray” over the counter at most pharmacies, and is often covered by insurance!

SNACKS: I feel the need to specify the *3* people *specifically* mentioned keeping a mini Tajín seasoning in their bag, lol. Snacks were mentioned a lot, and that makes me glad because girls all deserve our little treats. Most mentioned things that were easy to eat but had some protein like

  • Trail Mix / Nuts
  • Protein Shakes / Bars
  • Dried Fruit / Fruit Snacks

 RUBBER BANDS: For your BAND$$$! 

 SALES / CUSTIE RELATED: Some of the truly unique mentions were cute lil’ things related to increasing your sales, such as:

  • “Lollipops to suck in front of customers” @thatssogigi_ IG (this is SO SEXY omg)
  • “Bday card with a polaroid, if you forget about a custies bday & he comes in boom no you didn't” by @riley666__ IG
  • “Star stickers for when men are being good boys” @samantha.vz22 IG

And, one which sounds so fun and like the guys would drool over it, from @ty.ra.nt on IG: “me & one of my homegirls carry around nerf pistols & foam bullets. The guys love it, we’re like “it’s a stickup!” works everytime!”

 Thanks for your input, Angels!



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