Baby Stripper Series: What Goes in a Work Bag?

Baby Stripper Series: What Goes in a Work Bag?

The Stripper’s Work Bag is a quintessential part of our culture! My first “work bag:” was a huge bootleg Dolce and Gabbana tote I got on Canal Street in NYC. This was in 2007, when purses the size of trash bags were in vogue for some reason. I put any and everything in there, and it was impossible to find anything. I also HAD a lot of things I didn’t need (once found a Mikes hard lemonade?) and DIDN’T HAVE a lot of things I ended up needing (tampons!! On so many occasions!). 

We created this guide for all the babes who are new to the industry, or coming back from a break! 


  1. Lock

> if your club offers lockers, lock your things up in one! If not, get a tiny lock and lock the zippers of your bag together so no one can open it while you’re on the floor. 

  1. Baby Wipes

> you will use these for EVERYTHING, trust! Always have baby wipes!

  1. 5-6 Outfits

> most girls keep a bunch of outfits in their werk bag so it’s more like 10-20, but if you store yours at home make sure to bring at least 3 basic, go-to fits and 3 lil’ something extra type of fits!

  1. Shoes

> go with CLEAR if you are starting off with one pair! They match everything. It’s best to keep at least 2 pair of shoes though in case one breaks (raises hand in had to go on stage in Uggs once)

  1. Make Up Bag

> what’s in here depends on your routine. BUT always remember setting spray! Makeup tends to mess up easily without it over the course of a shift. Also, if you’re into the smoky eye look, try Kajal eyeliner. It works great for getting the perfect sultry smokey eye!

> Don’t forget lash glue if you wear lashes!

  1. Hair Tools and Products 

> this category varies a lot depending on your hair type and what you use! Can be: wigs/wig cap, wig glue/styling tools, brushes, curling iron, straightening iron, hairspray, gel, pomade, texture spray, dry shampoo (a life saver if your hair easily gets oily during shift), scrunchies, bobby pins (can also be used to thread a string back thru a bikini *wink*)

  1. Floor Purse

> a small purse that you carry on the floor to keep your phone, gloss, and money in!

  1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

> you will want to brush your teeth after eating before going back out to the floor! You may also want to have mouthwash, mints, and/or gum.

  1. Deodorant

> we recommend spray deodorant! It usually doesn't stain or leave residue :)

ALWAYS READY: These items you won’t always need, but you’ll be grateful to have them when you do!

  1. Tampons

> even if you’re not expecting your period, someone in the dressing room *always* needs a tampon

  1. Nail File & Glue if you have acrylics
  2. Bandaids (a few are usually good!)

> mostly useful if you’re wearing brand new shoes and they give you a blister :(

  1. Tweezers 

> handy for plucking that stray eyebrow hair AND pulling the string back thru a bikini!

  1. Advil / Midol / Antacids

> TIP: You don’t need to carry a whole big  bottle of each of these! I kept 4-6 of each in a little plastic container all together. 

  1. Pasties

> great to have these if you want to wear a fishnet or see through outfit! Some clubs won’t allow these fits without pasties underneath. 

  1. Mini Scissors

> these come in handy ALL the time! To cut your tampon string, to trim a stray string from your fit or an out of whack false eyelash, to cut slits in your outfit once you’re 3 Patron shots in and feeling crafty (JK don’t do this lol). Don’t sleep on mini scissors ok! The time will come when they’ll be your savior. 

  1. Razor

> Rarely needed, but great to have when you get to work and notice you forgot to shave one whole ass leg. Whoopsie 


  1. Perfumes 

> you may want to go easy on the perfume since some married men don’t want to smell like it, but at the end of the day their problems aren’t your problems and smelling good is a great way to engage their senses! 

> when we did an IG survey about your fave scents for work the top picks were: Pink Sugar, VS BombshellGucci Bloom, Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb, and anything vanilla scented from VS/ Bath & Body Works

  1. Jewelry

> Jewelry is a GREAT way to add to your fantasy girl aura! We recommend using cheap jewelry because in club lights- who can tell? It’s all about the LOOK and those cubic zirconias be SPARKLING. Also, it is very easy to lose expensive pieces. (RIP to my friend Abbie’s Datejust Rolex she lost in the club exactly 3 days after getting it in 2009)! Save them for dinner dates :) 

> Jewelry to consider: Chokers, Rings, Anklets, Toe Rings, Necklaces, and Bracelets! 

  1. Accessories

> could be: garters, fishnet thigh highs, knee socks, leg warmers- anything to add that little extra bit of sexy to your persona!

  1. Good Luck Charms

> these can be anything that you believe in and help you focus on your prosperity! Small crystals, a keychain, your lucky money maker thong- whatever! Our May 2022 Angel of the Month Bambi says “I bring a "lucky item" soo usually my lipgloss or something and if I'm wearing it I "know" i'm gonna make a lot of money. then I always do :)”

  1. Rubber Bands Bands: Sort of related to good luck charms, I always kept some rubber bands in my bag as a manifestation tool to attract sooo much money I’d have to band it!
  2. SNACKS: granola bars, packs of trail mix, and fruits are great snacks to have for when you want a little nourishment but not a full meal. Or, you can straight up pack a mini hot pot like a girl I worked with in NJ did. 

We hope this guide helps! You’ll notice that lotion isn't on here- while you do want to put lotion on and always be *soft*, we suggest putting it on at home before your shift so it has time to absorb into your skin. Lotions and body oils tend to rub off on the pole and, well, everything, which is annoying for everyone in 8-10” heels! 

Vets, anything we forgot? 

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