Money Manifestation Tips & Tricks!

Money Manifestation Tips & Tricks!

Manifestation” has become a new age buzz word, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! It is still a powerful tool even if it has been dragged up and down the internet’s alleyways.

So, what is it?

Manifestation is the act of aligning your focus and actions to bring something from your mind into reality. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your manifestations come to LIFE baby girl! 

1. BE ABOUT THAT ACTION: People often forget about the ACTION part of manifestation- you can sit around imagining your dream car all day and all night, but that won’t make one appear in your driveway. But, imagining yourself driving your dream car to work as you are actually ON your way to work to get some money? That is manifestation in ACTION.

2. FOCUS ON THE VISION AND THE PATH WILL BECOME CLEAR: It is okay if you don’t know EXACTLY how you’ll get what you want. I started taking manifestation seriously about ten years ago. I knew I wanted to be a business owner, and the lifestyle I wanted to live, but wasn’t sure what type of business or how to even start. There is no way I could have imagined Angel Candy as it exists now, back then.

So, I focused on manifesting HOW I wanted my life to feel- having a flexible schedule, being able to be creative, achieving financial prosperity, and creating jobs/opportunities for others to make money and be creative. I focused on those feelings while going to work, reading about businesses, and saving money, even though I wasn’t exactly sure what the money would be for. As your focus improves, the “how” will be revealed to you. Now I am living that life I pictured everyday for years- you have this same power. Don’t get in the future yous way by not starting cause you don’t know HOW. (I’d like to note here though that there is nothing wrong with intensely focusing on HOW you want to achieve something if you do know! That 100% works!)

3. BE REAL WITH YOURSELF: Doubt is the enemy of manifestation, so learn to word things in a way that feels true for you. For example: a lot of the manifestation / money mantras content out there repeats phrases such as “I am a Millionaire, I have so much Money,” and likewise. I used to get stuck because I’d listen to these knowing they weren’t true at that moment, which made me feel silly and created further doubts about my potential.

What I learned to do is word my mantras in a way that felt TRUE to me. This can be tricky, because you have to dig in and get to the honest root of your doubts in order to word things in a way that is helpful. I personally used to hold a lot of limiting beliefs around money that I absorbed growing up, so that is where I needed to begin: undoing those. Here’s some examples of rewording that worked for me:

I am a Millionaire —> People like me have become self made Millionaires

I Have so much Money —> I am capable of making a lot of money and learning to keep it (worked because I HAD made a lot dancing already, but wasted it. So I already believed I was capable of making money, but always had trouble managing it.)

Money comes to me easily —> There are so many ways to make Money that I still have to learn about

As statements begin to feel true to you, you can adjust them!

4. FOCUS ON YOUR WHY: Thinking about WHY you want the things you want will help your focus become clearer and your drive become stronger. “I want money” is obvious. “I want money because it makes my life more peaceful and fun and I deserve both of those things,” will get you UP and out the door to work quicker! “I want a Louie bag,” is not as motivating as “I want a Louie bag *because* they are beautiful and signify that I am luxurious, capable, and successful to the world.” We all want money. Most of us want cool things. But why? Whether it’s a farmhouse where you raise chickens and grow tulips or a G-Wagon, let your WHY intensify your manifestation.

5. LEAN ON YOUR SUCCESS: If I was having a hard time or lacking motivation at work, I’d focus on remembering shifts when I did very well. Shifts where a guy would randomly tip a lot, come in and immediately get a VIP, or surprise me with a cash app. Focusing on the joy of receiving money will bring it to you, especially while you’re AT WORK- a place for money making!

If you’re new to the industry and haven’t had a grand slam shift yet or are experiencing a slump (they happen to everyone both in and out of our industry!), it can be helpful to think of someone you admire and can relate to, and the things they’ve achieved. I danced with a girl when I was young (Cinnamon <3) who hustled her ass off and used her money to buy a hair salon that employed many of her family members, a property in Dominican Republic she rented out to vacationers and lived at when she visited, and ended up married to a partner who adored and spoiled her. She retired from the game happy and healthy. I always thought of how powerful it was, the way she did not stop until she HAD the life she wanted and deserved. I emulated her spirit when my own was tired.

6. MANTRAS, BABY, MANTRAS: Repetition rewires the brain, seriously. The more you consciously focus on telling yourself something, the quicker that will become what your subconscious mind believes as the truth. I always sat for a few minutes before leaving for work and repeated a phrase (or a few!) that I wanted to define my shift. These worked best when I did sets of 3x in a row. Some examples were:

> I am Irresistible - I am Irresistible - I am Irresistible

> Men love to spoil me - Men love to spoil me - Men love to spoil me

> The perfect customers always notice and Pay Me - The perfect customers always notice and Pay Me - The perfect customers always notice and Pay Me

You can make up whatever phrases feel true and fun to you! It helps to visualize while you repeat your mantras. Literally, close your eyes and picture yourself feeling and seeing 100s in your hands. Picture a customer handing you money or putting it in your thong. Picture yourself holding his hand as he guides you to a VIP hostess.

Let us know your fave in the comments! XOXO

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