Hey Babes! 

Being that it is VIRGO SZN, we are going to be dedicating the next few blogs to finances! 

The first and most important part of gaining control of your money is TRACKING it. This is especially important for the many of us who make mostly cash. I have already written a long ass blog rambling about why this is so important, you can read it here

The purpose of this *new* blog is to share these updated Income Trackers, which are much cuter and more organized than before! 



Doing this is also nice because it's so accessible, just keep the binder near where ever you usually count your money and wow look at that, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. 

If you don't have a printer, email the PDF to:

and they'll send you back a confirmation code. You enter that at the self serve printer at any Staples and you can print there! It may be cheaper to print one and then make like 300 copies of the daily tracker VS. printing 300 copies, IDK I am not up to date on the price of Staples prints vs. copies but both of those work!


If you prefer to track in an excel/google sheet, open this link, go to "File", then click "Make a Copy." This will create a copy in YOUR google drive (you need to be logged into a gmail for this to work). 

Once you get used to doing this, it is actually kind of fun and you get hype seeing what you're making and where it's going. 

Our next blogs will be

- Certified Accountant Answers our Industry Related Tax Questions, and

- Budgeting Crash Course ( with sheets. Ya know I love sheets.)

Also, there are tons of income trackers available for free online. if you don't like these, just google it and find a format that works better for you! 

Legal disclaimer: We are not a financial advisor, accountant, or anything like that. I am literally just a "self made" (I take issue with this term b/c no one is truly 100% self made, alas) industry girl from NJ who would've been way richer right now had someone shared even a little bit of the knowledge I have now with me when I started in the industry.

All of this info is shared free of charge, because I think we are some of the coolest, smartest, and most socially aware people that exist, and that the world becomes marginally sexier for every one of us that becomes financially stable. 

You should always do your own research and consult with professionals regarding your finances, filing your taxes, and investments. 

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