Artist Series / HEELERS WORLD: Venus and Her Powerful Artwork <3

Artist Series / HEELERS WORLD: Venus and Her Powerful Artwork <3

At Angel Candy, we looooove art made by Industry Babes and have an office full of it! Our Artist Series will highlight the work of talented babes that we love <3


HEELERS WORLD: Venus and Her Powerful Works 

Tell us about your art in your own words! What is it? 

I've always been into creating my own characters since I was a kid, but around my later teen years I started only drawing women. In the beginning, the women I drew represented things I found admirable, beautiful, ethereal, and strong; mostly representing attributes I felt as though I lacked. In recent years, I instead see both a lot of myself, and the women that I love, in all of my pieces. I've refused to draw men because I wanted the characters in the 'heelers' universe to just be something for us.

Many AC packages have been transported in Heelers bags, hehe

How has the SW industry influenced or inspired your work?

I base a lot of my character and scenario designs off women I've met in the industry and my own experiences. How they look, what they wear, their essence, what I depict them feeling, etc. 

What is your most beloved piece of art or content you've created, and why? 

 It's actually a two-part piece! One is called 'God is a Woman', the second is called 'God is a Woman: Purgatory is a Strip Club'. I created them in 2018, back-to-back during a very difficult but very necessary time in my life for my growth and strength. Sometimes the club would be slow and I'd just take in everything I was feeling in my personal life, but also drift into observing everything else going on around me. A lot of times, working in the club while going through your own shit can make everything feel a lot more intense and quite darker, but I still tried to preserve my light despite it all; and that light created these two enchanting drawings. I often consider how much we have to endure daily while simply existing (and making it look easy) to be a strength straight from some sort of Godly source, whatever that may mean to you. Hence the title!


HEELERS 2nd Book Release on the Angel Candy Office Altar <3

Why do you create? What is the meaning or purpose of creation to you?

 Creating art helps me transmute and cleanse stagnant energy or trauma that I haven't healed through too much. It's a necessity for my own growth and healing, but sharing it has helped so many other lovely women feel seen as well. 


Where can we find you and your work?

 I post most of it on my personal instagram @healerheels, and my store instagram

You can shop the Heelers World shop here, and purchase Heelers Books here <3

Fun fact: at AC's last editorial shoot, everybody showed up with Heelers bags... Unplanned! <3

Mami <3 <3 <3 TQM


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