Secret Scents: The Sexiest, Dreamiest Perfumes for Work as Chosen by You <3

Secret Scents: The Sexiest, Dreamiest Perfumes for Work as Chosen by You <3

It is said that *scent* is more closely tied to our memory than any other sense. And no matter what the world has to say about us- industry girls are most certainly memorable 🙂 (I personally believe this! My first ever serious boyfriend wore Versace Dreamer. To this day, if I smell it on someone, I immediately think of him and get flashbacks of us being together. Totally against my will, might I add!)

We asked you in an IG Poll: what is the hands down, jaws on the floor, wide eyed, lip biting, sexiest scent you know of?

You all CAME THROUGH with some delicious options! Here is a round up of the scents that were mentioned by 2 or more babes :)

 Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with any of these products nor do we profit at all if you go purchase them. We just want your custies to have irresistible dreams about you that make them spend it all when they see you, yeeehaw

Amor Amor by Cacharel


Smells like: Bergamot, Vanilla, Mandarin, Lilly of the Valley

Price Range: $19 - 49 

I found this in high school, and my first time wearing it a guy came up to me to tell me he didn’t want to be weird, but “what perfume is that? I NEED to get it for my wife!” 

This perfume smells like seduction, pure and simple.  I get a “omg you smell sooo good, what perfume is that?” comment 9/10 times when I wear this one!  

Black Opium by YSL

Smells like: Black Coffee, Vanilla, White Flowers, Licorice, Cashmere Wood

Price Range: $69 - 159

This scent comes in a gorgeous, glittery bottle that is *so* on brand for us. Black Opium is the perfect femme fatale scent, and gives off "I'm a little dangerous, but you're gonna want me anyway."

 Fun fact: In 1977, the original “Opium Parfum” scent by YSL was banned in Australia and parts of the middle East due to sharing a name with the illicit drug.

 Pink Sugar


Smells like: Cotton Candy, Bergamot, Caramel, Fig Leaves

Price Range: $14 - 29

She is an industry classic for a reason! This scent is yummy and playful, and bound to make the crowd truly crave you. A true “Candy Girl” scent! 

Oddly (or not), I've heard a lot of complaints about this scent from civilians (too sweet, "gross")... but have only ever heard strippers rave about it. Priorities, I suppose. 

 Ariana Cloud


Smells like: Lavender Blossom, Crème de Coconut, Orchid, Pear

Price Range: $29 - 59

This is one of those perfumes you go for based on the bottle alone (a cloud! Seriously? Adorable), but are then pleasantly surprised. This fruity, floral scent gives Garden of Eden vibes!

 Stripper Witchin' Oils & Sprays ( link to site )


Smells like: Various Options! They smell simply seductive!

Price Range: $45 - 55 for oils & sprays

 Hand made with magic and love by beloved Industry Babe Stripper Witchin, these oils and sprays are a must have! I personally was obsessed with  and always kep tin my work bag Ca$h Out, Baller Alert, and all of her soaps (I still use them!). She sells out quickly, so be sure to follow her on IG to get updates on restocks. 

 Princess by Vera Wang


Smells like: Water Lily, Apricot, Rose, Tangerine

Price Range: $19 - 49

It's all in the name! A soft, pretty scent for babes who want a soft, pretty life. The bottle is adorable, and this floral scent is sure to get you spoiled :)

 Toasted Marshmallow by Eclectic Lady

 Smells like: Marshmallow (obviously lol), Sage, Creamy Vanilla, Citrus

Price Range: $8 - 25

The ultimate scent to make them say “yummmm!” This sugary body spray will make you smell like a treat.

In a poll we did in 2022, you voted the 3 favorite scents ( along with Pink Sugar) for work as:

Gucci Bloom

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

The Holy Pink Trinity of Sexy Scents 

Also, pro tip: scents that are food related are believed to be linked to arousal! Think cinnamon, licorice, and the CHAMPION... Vanilla. Something something Pavlov something something.

You all suggested Bath & Body Works body sprays as a great option for yummy, budget friendly scents.

Have a scent you know is a spell for seduction n getting him to spend? Leave it in the comments! 

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Viva la juicy ! By juicy couture (all of their perfumes tbh)


My two most complimented

Eilish by Billie Eilish – the perfect creamy vanilla ice cream
Love fest burning cherry by kayali – a spicy woody cherry


get tons of compliments on my lady gaga black fluid perfume


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