Tips for VIP Room Successs by Y'all <3

Tips for VIP Room Successs by Y'all <3

“So wHat Do I GeT?” is the dreaded question that every dancer has heard 9342 times. Despite that, getting VIPRooms is one of our best sources of income and usually saves us from a stage set *wink wink*. 

Now, getting them to swipe their card for the lovely experience of a private hour with you is a no brainer- but getting them to say yes can require some finesse! Asking is an art form that is worth getting good at.

We asked you all what is your best ONE LINER for asking him to do a VIP to get some insight. 

The top words used in your responses were “fun,” “naked,” and “alone”- the holy trinity, really. The whole point of a VIP is that they will get to have fun, see you probably more naked than you are on the floor (and if you don’t get naked and feel some type of way towards those who do, we don’t care! Leave that whorephobia at the door, this is a company for all sluts including those who choose to get naked and more in VIPRooms!), and be alone with you. 

FUN: Many replies used semi vague words like fun, good time, play, and naughty. These are great because they allude to a good time without promising anything specific. 

@dizzybootynuggets says “Ready for me to have some fun in your lap?,” followed by a tongue out emoji. So make sure to stick your tongue out if you use this one. 

NAKED: You naked is a luxury worth indulging in, and many of your replies made this clear! 

@333berlin suggests “I wanna get naked for you in the back and fulfill your fantasy” This one is fantastic, because it reminds them that you ARE a fantasy, other worldly, something special worth experiencing! 

ALONE: Variations of “Let’s go be alone” were the most common response! Privacy is always more intimate, and reminding them that a VIP provides that is a great tactic. 

One of my easiest regulars of all time was a late 30s Jewish man who worked in the entertainment industry and always wore Crocs. He would get a VIP, and tell me long tales about how he was fucking his hot, blonde neighbor, and how she was dying to leave her millionaire husband for him but he wouldn’t allow it (lol). This was a saga that got more dramatic each time he visited- I was invested! 

Everytime he’d arrive, I’d have one drink with him at the bar and then remind him, “Are you ready to go be alone with me?” 

A fun one from @crybbalex is “Omg I’m hot, let’s go be alone where you can pour some champagne on my boobies to cool me down” THIS ONE is a winner, because she adds a very sexy, irresistible visual! 

In conclusion: the perfect ask should create a visual he can't refuse in his mind!

"Don't you wanna see my perfect titties in HD?" was a winner that somehow excluded the keywords, but still got the point across! (deleted account)

Other tips for getting the YES out of them: 

Eye contact: Look them in the eyes using your best “doe eyes” by thinking of something you adore while you stare at him (kittens! Ramen! Glitter, whatever! 

Touch: Most men are tactile. Touch his leg as you ask!

Pout: Seriously. Jut your lower lip out a little and make a sexy, pouty face. This, plus the doe eyes, is what I call the “wallet slayer expression”- something about it just activates mens provider complex and makes him jump to swipe that AMEX. 

We did this survey a few months ago on our 1st IG which was deleted at 42k. Three girls we tried to tag also had accounts that no longer existed… Zucc is really wacking us, damn. RIP to all the IGs of accountants worldwide <3

To the VIP Bags you deserve!

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Whenever I ask a customer if he wants to do the VIP as he’s thinking about it I’m nodding my head up and down as the thinking and he just goes with it


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