MARCH 2022 - Akira

MARCH 2022 - Akira

MARCH 2022

Meet March's Angel of the Month: Akira

What’s your name?  Akira


What do you do/what part(s) of the biz do you work in?



How did you get started in the industry?

Dance has always been how I expressed myself, I knew how to move my body and I felt confident playing a sexual role. I wanted financially independence n freedom so I tried it one day n haven’t looked back :) 


How have you made yourself stand out when working?

So on stage - I do mostly floor but I’m pretty bendy. Also intense eye contact is key ;) 

Walking the floor- I think I try to present as confident as I can- shoulders back, smile at everyone etc. i just try to have a good time genuinely so the vibes emulate out to customers, hopefully drawing them in. 


What is your funniest story related to work?

When I first started on the east coast, I had a regular who had a “I dream of Jeannie” fetish and would pay us at least $500 at a time to just sit on his lap and ask us who we wanted to suck into our “bottle” n weird shit like that Lmao. those guys can b the best bc the expect the least n pay the most 🤣


What is a goal you’re proud you were able to reach while doing and because of SW?

i paid off my credit card debt within my first couple months of returning back to work after Covid. got my own place out here in cali, have my savings lined up to start my own business in the next few years :) 


What is something you feel needs to change in the industry?

More female owned and managed by strip clubs plzzzz 🙃 preferably retired dancers! 


What is your best tip for making money at work?

Customers can tell when ur not enjoying ur dance or convo so learn to adjust your body language and do whatever u need to do mentally to try to be present and positive mentally. think of the start of your shift as u entering a role and don’t allow urself to come out of it until the end! 


What has been something SW helped you with/encouraged you to do, or how has SW made you more confident?

It’s made me SO much more confident. Looking back I was a hot mess growing up. I was seeking validation from all the wrong people. Dancing actually taught me boundaries in the club that I took to my real life. Now I don’t take shit from anybody bc I know who tf I am n what I deserve :) 


What has been your biggest challenge in the industry?

Being an introvert. Sometimes it’s just too much n I need quiet time. 


Sw is exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally- How do you decompress and engage in self care in the face of that?

I always come home and put on a show while I count my money, eat something , take my makeup off and take a nice shower, put my arnica oil and tiger balm on (LOL iykyk), skincare routine, then enjoy my nice big fluffy bed. I think the routine itself comforts me. 


What do you wish people knew about us (SWers), and about you personally as a SWer?

That we are not just real people but great people! 100% some of the most creative, intelligent, interesting, deep, empathetic people EVER ! but while at work we may choose to not show all of that all the time. we’re multi faceted and amazing ok? Just trust me n tip nicely ;)  


How have you dealt with the stigma of being out as a SW, if you’ve faced any?

Yes this is why I’ve chosen to be single for the time. Often I see men either sexualizing me or dismissing me for being a dancer. Sometimes women are the haters too. i pick and choose who I disclose my job to now. 


What are your plans for the future?

One day I’d like to have some type of business. One idea is a holistic wellness center possibly more anchored towards feminine energy. Something where I can offer a safe space with healing in many forms; dance being one. A lot of ppl don’t know how therapeutic and empowering sultry dance alone can be 💜


There is a lot of talk nowadays about sex work being “empowering.” Is this true for you and why or why not?

I think it can be for some but not necessarily for everyone. I agree with that for me because I think I take on a slightly dominant role & i genuinely love the dancing part of the job. So I get recognition for my ability and I profit off it!? Like what?! Idk i feel blessed 🥲 


What is something you wish you’d known when you started in the industry?

That we are in charge! Not the customers! they are walking into OUR home so we decide what we want to happen and what our boundaries are. We can say no and turn down money if we want, or ask for more! if you don’t like that then sorry boo! 


Where can we find you?

Only on ig as of now @dollface_akira 💕


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