CAMMING & ONLY FANS: Your Tips for Success

CAMMING & ONLY FANS: Your Tips for Success

There's * a lot* of ways to get paid in the industry, and camming has become one of the top ones. We asked the experts- y’all- how to be successful in a space that is super competitive! Here are your suggestions:


LIGHTING: The most common thing mentioned? LIGHTING! GOOD LIGHTING! 

This applies to content creation in all industries! When you see the top liked pics from influencers, are they grainy? Are they poorly lit? No, never. Research says you have 3-8 seconds to grab someone's attention online before they click out of your page- use those seconds well! LIGHT that smile up!

Having a RING LIGHT was mentioned the most. @assphrodite222 says “Natural lighting is best if you have it, but if not- RING LIGHT, LED strip lights, and a sunset lamp!” 


Many of you also suggested adding pink lights, neon lights, and LED color strips to your setup to add that pretty cam girl glow to your space.

BLUETOOTH ACTIVATED TOYS: These are a sexy, fun way to engage with your fans! “Lovense is a bluetooth activated toy brand. Connect it to your stream and custies can tip to activate your vibrator,” says @honeybearmaria .

MIC: Invest in a good mic! This makes engaging with your fans easy, and contributes to an overall smooth experience. In online spaces, there is constant distraction- if they can't hear you, they're likely to leave.

TRIPOD: to hold your phone / recording device while you’re on cam (some ring lights have built in phone tripods).

GOOD WIFI: An absolute need! You will lose people easily if the connection is going in and out. You can get a WiFi booster online if your current connection isn’t great.

QUALITY WEB CAM / RECORDING DEVICE: Related to lighting, this affects the quality of how you look on screen. Titties in HD are more likely to keep them present and tipping.

CUTE STUFF: There were suggestions for cute pillows, pink and/or silk sheets, pretty curtains. You can even choose these based on YOUR brand aesthetic to create an all around dreamy vibe. Find a balance between making your space look cute, but not cluttered/distracting. You want all eyes on YOU. 

KEEP IT CLEAN: A few of you mentioned to keep the area you’ll be filming clean and clutter free, aside from items you mean to have there. Distractions are the enemy of profit online- remove them! 

WIRELESS MOUSE AND KEYBOARD: Great mentions by @breezeysleeze

A great tip from @kush.lungs666 is “Learn from tech YouTubers like LTT @ MKBHD! Lots of info for set ups!” This is great advice! A great filming set up is a great filming setup- whether you’re filming yourself husking corn or making porn. 


GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE: “For people just starting out, look for sites with built in traffic, it’ll be easier to build a fanbase,” says @othrrgurl. Choosing a big site to start off makes sense, because they already have a strong audience of p0rno connoisseurs will help your future fans find you. 

CONSISTENCY: This was the MOST mentioned item throughout the entire poll! Consistency is a necessary party of success in any arena, so of course it also applies to cam. “Consistency and keeping a schedule is key, especially when you still have the new tag,” says @witch_house_bitch_house . Another great tip from @othrrgurl is “Make sure to be VERY active your first two weeks, they boost new girls!”

KNOW YOUR AESTHETIC: We at Angel Candy talk about aesthetics ALL the time. Because it! Is! So! Important! Knowing and sticking to a “look” makes your life easier, and attracts the customers who will like and pay you. “When I started I would just wear all kinds of fits and do whatever content. It was a mess. I didn’t really see consistent clients until I established an aesthetic for my work,” says @spicheetuna

DON’T BE SHY: Talk to your audience! A few of you mentioned asking open ended questions to keep them engaged and in your space, as well as saying Hi when someone enters your room. “Watch the top Twitch streamers and see how they keep their audience engaged. You don’t need to be explicit the entire time, but you DO need to be engaging,” says @cloutcuratorxx. Another great tip from her: “I download the MFC tip sound and played it when my room got slow and would shake my ass.” Whew, Pavlov is *drooling*! 

REDDIT AND TWITTER: A few people mentioned these two sites as the best places to market yourself without dealing with community guidelines / being zucced. You of course can use IG as well, but we all know Zuccie hates hot girls so it’s a risk.

HAVE A TIP MENU: This is a great way to avoid getting a million messages about pricing! "Have a clear tip menu with what you offer and set prices," says @madimariemodel 


Note, Angel Candy has not used, and thus cannot comment on, any aspects of using these sites so please do your own research before using any! These are just the sites that babes mentioned in the poll:

ONLY FANS- good for starting out and growing your audience

MANY VIDS- for streaming and selling individual videos, mentioned as a good OF alternative

FANSLY- mentioned as a good OF alternative


MFC- ourdated but mentioned a few times anyway!


IN SHOT- app for editing your videos 

We hope these tips from seasoned cam babes helped you out! Part 2, "Games you can Play on Cam," coming soon! 


xoxo, LUV,

Angel Candy


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