Angel of the Month: Money Tips Compilation!

Angel of the Month: Money Tips Compilation!

Our Angel of the Months are given 20 questions, and can choose 8-10 they prefer for their interview. 


There is one question EVERYONE so far has chosen:


"What is your best tip for making money at work?"


We rounded up all of 2022's answers so far! 


"Choose your club wisely. Dance at a club that appreciates your aesthetic and body type. And when it comes to the customers, make them feel special by talking about the #1 person in their life - THEM! " -J Lee, January 2022





"Don't ever be afraid to ask! Always ask for a dance, ask for the private, and always ask for a tip. There are so many times I have been at the club and I see girl after girl go up to the same guy and not seal the deal and then I go up and all I did was ask, and now we are sitting in an hour long private. That’s my best advice because if you don’t ask the answer is always no, so I’ll take my chances with rejection every time just to hopefully make the sale! " -Kinseyy, February 2022





"Customers can tell when ur not enjoying ur dance or convo so learn to adjust your body language and do whatever u need to do mentally to try to be present and positive mentally. think of the start of your shift as u entering a role and don’t allow urself to come out of it until the end! " -Akira, March 2022





 "Talk and approach everyone it’ll make a huge difference profit wise and in the long run and can make a $200 night a $2000 just by talking to everyone because every dollar adds up." -Blue Fuego, April 2022





"I always write in my manifestation journal, and i bring a "lucky item" soo usually my lipgloss or something and if im wearing it I "know" im gonna make a lot of money. then i always do :)" - Bambi, May 2022


Part 2 Coming Soon!

You can click pics to read full interviews, and check out ALL Angels here. 

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